Marie m'a lu ce beau passage ce matin :

« I was, though, registered with the local Catholic school administered by Notre Dame nuns. One nun, Sister Agnes Particia, was the most influential teacher I ever knew. What I will always remember about her is her statement that there is no such thing as teaching - only learning. She believed that no teacher could ever teach anyone anything. Her task as a teacher was to create an environment in which the student can learn.
Knowledge, she told us, standing very straight in her long black habit, her face framed by her white wimple, pointed at the top like the spire of a cathedral, needs to be pulled into the brain by the student, not pushed into it by the teacher. Knowledge is not to be forced on anyone. The brain has to be receptive, malleable, and most important, hungry for that knowledge. »
Monty Roberts, The man who listens to horses, p. 87-88, Vintage books, 1997.