Mario nous apprend que Seymour Papert est dans un état critique au Vietnam après avoir été heurté par un vélomoteur. Le monde ne peut se permette la perte de ce génie qui, déjà en 1971 (oui, oui 1971 !!!) dans Twenty things to do with a computer écrivait :
Machines from its engineering branches are changing our way of life. How strange, then, that "computers in education" should so often reduce to "using bright new gadgets to teach the same old stuff in thinly disguised versions of the same old way."
[...] we are convinced that they [les 20 suggestions - GGJ] give a glimpse of the proper way to introduce everyone of whatever age and whatever levet to academic performance, to programming, to more general knowledge of computation and indeed (we say courageously steeling ourselves for the onslaught) to mathematics, to physics and to all formal subjects including linguistics and music.
Only inertia and prejudice, not economics or the lack of good educational ideas, stand in the way of providing every child in the world with the kind of experience of which we have tried to give you some examples. Il every child were to be given access to a computer, computers would be cheap enough for every child to be given access to computer.