Ideas are often serendipitous. Innovation is not. You should give employees the freedom to imagine, but then provide them with the structure to act. (Mohanbir Sawhney et Robert C. Wolcott)

Petit résumé d'un article lu ici.

Myth: You need more new ideas.
Reality: You need more homes for ideas.

Myth: Innovation is a department.
Reality: Innovation is a company-wide competency.

Myth: Let people loose to innovate.
Reality: Enable people through structure and process.

Myth: Innovation is a radical departure from the past.
Reality: Innovation often creatively combines pieces of the past.

Myth: Mistakes are costly.
Reality: Early mistakes are profitable.

Myth: Avoid the detours.
Reality: Detours may be the destination.

Myth: Innovation is about creating new things.
Reality: There are many paths to innovation.

J'ai été assez content de lire ce paragraphe qui ressemble beaucoup à l'idée que j'avais exprimée là.

« A popular belief, fostered by legendary innovators such as 3M, the diversified manufacturer, is that you should let employees moonlight on the job by giving them free time to work on innovative projects. Google, the internet search company, encourages its people to spend one day a week working on pet projects - 20 per cent of company time. »